Sweet Princess Balloons Colletion


Pack of 12 uninflated balloons

  • 3 Light Pink balloons
  • 3 Gold balloons
  • 3 Ivory balloons
  • 3 Chocolate balloons
  • 3 Pink Ribbons
  • 3 Gold Ribbons
  • 3 Ivory Ribbons
  • 3 Chocolate Ribbons
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Inflation Tips

Once the package is opened, Bubbles must be inflated immediately, or they will dry out. Discard the moisture pack after inflation.

Do NOT use a foil (auto shut-off regulator to inflate Single Bubbles, the outer bubbles of Double Bubbles, or Deco Bubbles; if you do, the foil regulator will shut off too soon, and your Bubble will look more like a foil balloon. ONLY use latex regulators on these Bubbles and keep inflating until the wrinkles and bumps are gone.

When using helium, inflate the Deco Bubble as well as ALL balloons inside the Deco Bubble with helium. When using air, inflate ALL balloons with air.

Do not use HI-FLOAT® products or Balloon Shine™ on Bubbles or latex balloons inside Bubbles.

Bubbles are pop resistant but not pop proof. They can withstand outside pressure changes. However, exposing them to extreme heat or sharp objects may cause them to burst.

Overinflating or underinflating Bubbles can decrease float times, so follow package instructions to inflate properly and achieve the best float times.

Actual flying times will also depend on temperature and atmospheric conditions.

Deco Bubble float times will vary if other types of balloons are placed.


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